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Actualizado: 9 de mar de 2019

Some 11 months ago Kiko, our then maintenance man, adopted an attitude that he was going to pick and choose what maintenance work he would do, regardless of what was required of him. The situation culminated with Kiko being dismissed. At the same time our maintenance assistant Pablo was diagnosed with a serious illness and went on sick leave, having to undertake a prolonged period of treatment. This left us with no maintenance cover at all. Contractors were used to cover essential maintenance items.

In June 2018 Terry Venton, a very skilled, experienced builder, building manager, and resident of Port Royale was appointed as our new maintenance man.

During the past 9 months, Terry has completed 297 maintenance tasks, while for comparison over a 2 years period our two previous maintenance men together completed 172.

The painting of Port Royale is a laborious and endless task. Because of bad weathering in some areas, rendering had to be replaced and sealed prior to repainting.

Health and Safety Regulations are of paramount concern and Terry is well versed in the rules and regulation applicable and trained for working at height.

You will often see him wearing a high visibility vest and a safety harness clipped to a high three section ladder which he has anchored to eye bolts in the wall. Safety first and I can assure you that it is no easy job rendering and painting a forty-foot-high wall in the blazing sun.

Painting Port Royale is like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge, not only is the weather hot but when you get to the other end you have to start all over again.

The work programme agreed by your committee for the future is that when Terry has finished painting the common parts and perimeter of the complex. A plan of the complex will be published on the web site and notice board showing the order in which blocks and levels of apartments will be painted.

There will not be any dates or times appended to the plan, just the order in which work will be carried out. This is because other maintenance work will undoubtedly arise and also need to be carried out during this period.

So, 9 months on, your Port Royale is beginning to look good. The number of favourable comments on how good Port Royale is looking passed to the office and the committee has been amazing. All of which have been deservedly passed on to Terry.

So the committee would ask all owners to respect what Terry is doing and be patient and allow him to continue his work because at the end of the day everything that he is doing is in all our interests too.

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