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Those of us who are here at Port Royale we will have seen, that the low wall that divided the steps from the ramp, outside the reception had been destroyed.

CCTV has shown that a young couple on holiday and staying here had been stood arguing. The male, in a temper, is seen to destroy the wall by running and kicking it until it fell.

Shortly after the wall was destroyed, the couple were picked up by a vehicle and driven away.

The couple and the owner of the property, where they are staying as holidaymakers have been identified. The bill for the repair will be added to the community fee of the owner.

Illegal Letting

In a previous post, I informed you that a Torismo Inspector had visited Port Royale. As a result of that visit, several owners were now being investigated for offences of illegal letting. Along with owners that appear, to have obtained licences to do so.

It has now come to light that the owners of 21 properties are being investigated for illegal letting.

As part of the investigation, Torismo requested from letting agencies, all the licences that had been granted to owners on Port Royale.

There are 10 properties with licences and it is known that one letting agency had charged 800 euros to obtain a licence for an owner.

It is not known whether owners had, approached their letting agents. To obtain a licence from the Cabildo, without telling them, that Port Royale is a 'residential complex'.

Or did the letting agents approach owner's, telling them that they could supply a licence and again failed to inform the Cabildo that Port Royale is a 'residential complex'

In any case, the Cabildo should have known the status of Port Royale and should not have issued licenses. These are questions that Torismo is looking into.

In all of this one fact remains constant, under the current law, Port Royale is a Residential Complex, where, holiday letting is banned. Until the law changes, obtaining a license is illegal.


P.S. I have just been made aware that so far, one owner has received a substantial fine.


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