🇬🇧 The Swimming Pool Is Still Closed

Updated: Jul 3

1st July 2020

At present, the pool area is still closed. New gates and locks have been fitted to secure the area to curtail access to persons from complexes other than Port Royale and to comply with our pool licence conditions to stop access by unaccompanied children under the age of six. Owners will be issued with keys which will be needed to gain entry and to be able to exit the pool area.

Under the government imposed Covid-19 State of Alarm the pool area had to be closed which coincided with the work order for the new gates. The gates themselves were fitted as soon as the shutdown regulations allowed but the gate closers and the gate lock barrels and special keys have been delayed due to the manufacturer's factory shutdown. Added to this our contractor had to shut down to return to the UK for three weeks due to a family bereavement. We are informed that the lock barrels and keys should be with our contractor on the 8th July and that he will complete the work as soon as possible thereafter.

When the pool area opens again it will be subject to the following restrictions:

The pool is licensed for 20 people and will be restricted to 75% occupancy i.e. 15.

People in the pool itself must stay 1.5m apart at all times.

The sun beds will be 3m apart to allow people to walk to them and stay 2m from other people according to the government regulations.

The area will be marked out with crosses where sun beds must be placed and nowhere else.

Sun beds must be disinfected after every use and before any other occupancy.

Washrooms, toilets, and handrails etc must be disinfected at least 3 times daily.

It is down to everyone of us to comply with the spirit of the regulations and keep apart in the pool area. The virus has not gone away and we should do all in our power to limit its spread. This is particularly important with the influx of visitors from mainland Europe.

With regard to the pool area, it has been reported by owners that a small group of self interested agitators are touring the complex asking people to sign a petition to demand the opening of the pool area. You can all see from the above that such a petition is superfluous and will have no effect on the opening date which is governed by our ability to comply with our licence conditions and government regulations.

D J Manning

President of Port Royale


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